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The result is more important than any technique. My clients appreciate extensive, field-proven know-how. Being certified and having a profound professional education is a necessary foundation, although the real magic comes with the ability to put it into practice. I am thankful, that my services helped hundreds of clients from different countries.

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The result is more important than any technique. To be certified and have a professional education is necessary, but the real magic comes with the ability to use it in real life.I am thankful that my services helped hundreds of clients from different countries.

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I help organizations and individuals get where they want to be and fulfill their potential. I use various techniques and methodologies (trainings and workshops, coaching, therapy, hypnotherapy, mentoring). I am specialized in obtaining functional and lasting solutions for my clients.

I believe we possess everything that we need to become who we want to be. I believe in creativity and I am convinced that we came here to this world to find out why.

  • Playful, brave, straight to the point
  • 100% practice-oriented
  • It is my mindset to convey all competencies needed within the shortest time possible, to help you reach a stage at which you will be able to handle all critical situations alone and not need my assistance any more.
  • I trust that you already have all the resources (abilities, the strength...) needed to solve the problem.
  • When I am looking at you, I don’t see “a problem”; I see “the solution to your problem”.
  • The best solutions are not the tailored ones, but those that are made by you. You are the expert on your own life.
  • I don’t analyze the problem or the past. I don’t do diagnostics. I focus on your desired future.
  • I accept and respect YOU (your vocabulary, your world, priorities and values, feelings)
  • I don’t want to “form you” or set the direction; I am only giving the impulse.
  • I listen and make you feel that you are important and unique in this world.

INTIMACY – the content of our conversation remains confidential- between you and me; just like a confession 😊

Faculty of Arts, Comenius University Bratislava

Field of Study: Aesthetics and Philosophy

Focus: Teacher Training

I attended and successfully passed a solution-focused Brief coaching course certified by International Coach Federation run by the renowned solution surfer coaches PhDr. Klára Giertlová PCC, PKcS (Tajov - Slovakia) and Dr. Peter Szabo MCC (Basel – Switzerland)

I successfully completed a solution-focused psychotherapy training course and hypnotherapy course in the DALET Institute in Olomouc, Czech Republic.

For me, learning is a never-ending process. Therefore, I regularly attend professional workshops, lectures and read books. I not only focus on “modern Western theories”; I am also inspired by Eastern philosophies and by the inexhaustible world of history and art.

Although the learning from my own experience is listed last, due to its undoubted importance it is the first and foremost.

My first work experience started in the commercial call center business where I worked as an operator, later as a supervisor. Subsequently, I started and ran two successful call center businesses myself and was responsible for the overall running of the companies. Including HR policy, database management and campaign return-on-investment management.

The call center business experience enabled me to work with a wide variety of different individuals, either by approaching the client on the phone or by meeting people when recruiting, training or leading employees (I recruited and trained more than 300 operators and supervisors).

Later I worked as a Sales & Marketing manager in a PR agency operating in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Business and marketing were also my key responsibilities in my following workplace, a sports facility providing complex services for general public.

I also worked as a branch manager of one of the world’s biggest personal agencies. By running and motivating people, by optimizing the processes and the relationships with the clients I was responsible for overall economic performance of the branch. When doing this job, I ultimately decided to focus mainly on developing people, but no longer as an employee of a corporate business. I was determined to pursue my goal, my idea of being more useful through my skills, for other people and for myself, in the position of a consultant. Being able to help people, in my distinct way, is very important to me.

In the course of my career I had to face some “green field projects” where I could learn to overcome and resolve both partial and complex problems. That enabled me to become the author of several original methodologies, trainings and products.

In the current position of coach, therapist and trainer I am trying to fulfill my mission as a pilot (navigator). I try to “lead your ship across dangerous waters”, or to inspire you. This way I can contribute to your personal growth.

  • My job is my hobby; therefore, I read a lot of specialized books in my free time.
  • I like to experience art (theater, art galleries, concerts, movies). I play guitar and sing.
  • Sports swimming, cycling, hiking, walks with my dog, power training, yoga, winter swimming.
  • Traveling and seeing new places, cultures and people.
  • I enjoy seeking and discovering connections, analogies and metaphors in seemingly unrelated worlds.
  • I enjoy humour and situations in which I don’t take myself seriously.

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I believe that we, as human beings, possess everything that we need to become who we want to be

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