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Mix of gathered wisdom from my professional and private life. Inspirations, knowledge, samples from my services, case studies, real life tips, sometimes inspired by clients themselves.

I face my fears

Coping with fears is difficult in adolescence. Art becomes a tool for externalize the fears and help us to overcome them.

Art therapy Red Cross

Art therapy for people in situations of extreme vulnerability. Painting as learning and a way of expression, but also a moment of escape, of sharing moments, moments and laughter.

Art therapy for teens

Sample of work with adolescents in a Secondary Education center focused on the development of personality and self-esteem.


Kids'Skills – is one of very useful methods I use when working with children. I feel gratitude that I could attend workshops with the author Ben Furman. In this video the author himself explains the method.

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The result is more important than any technique. My clients appreciate extensive, field-proven know-how. Being certified and having a profound professional education is a necessary foundation, although the real magic comes with the ability to put it into practice. I am thankful, that my services helped hundreds of clients from different countries.

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