Why with me ?

What happens if you combine


With profound business insight


*Be the Captain of your Soul

My clients appreciate my wide combination of skills. I am certified in all those areas... I am no “fake it until you make it” 😊 type. I am a fast problem solver, specialized in solutions, asking the right questions, enabling eureka effects for the audience and clients.

Painless finding and creating solutions
Brief conversations for sustainale result
100% oriented on Solutions
100% applicable in real life
Individual partnership attitude
Questions & Empathy

The process of cooperation


First contact

We are going to work from the first minute. My approach is to deliver as much value as possible in the shortest period of time. We will be getting to know each other at work.


Analysis of your wishes

To know what you want or need is a good start to a journey. It often happens, that with a good analysis of clients wishes and their desired future, they are able to continue on their own.



According to your goals, needs, possibilities, time and personal preferences we chose the appropriate form of cooperation. It can be a group training/workshop, or a 1 to 1 form of: training, coaching or therapy.


Follow up

Sometimes we can't do everything in one meeting. Sometimes you need time to apply “new wisdom” in practice and only then continue with another step. Every now and then even a plan needs to be changed according to a new perspective. I am here to help you follow through on your goals.


End of cooperation or…new goal

You decide on how long do you want to cooperate with me. It is my mindset to convey all competencies needed within the shortest time possible, to help you reach a stage at which you will be able to handle all critical situations alone and not need my assistance any more. But I have as well long-term clients, with whom, after achieving one goal, we work on another.

The way I work brings success to my clients

I help organizations and individuals get where they want to be and fulfill their potential. I use various techniques and methodologies (trainings and workshops, coaching, therapy, hypnotherapy, mentoring). I am specialized in obtaining functional and lasting solutions for clients.


The result is more important than any technique. My clients appreciate extensive, field-proven know-how. Being certified and having a profound professional education is a necessary foundation, although the real magic comes with the ability to put it into practice. I am thankful, that my services helped hundreds of clients from different countries.

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