Regardless whether you are a CEO in a big corporation, small entrepreneur, sportsman or you have some issues in your private life, the quality of your mental world is affecting your work, your relationships, your family and your happiness. Let’s explore together, what kind of quality do you want to achieve.


The result is more important than any technique. To be certified and have a professional education is necessary, but the real magic comes with the ability to use it in real life.I am thankful that my services helped hundreds of clients from different countries.

Brief Coaching

In my role as your “pilot” I mainly use Brief coaching and Solution-focused coaching that stimulates thinking about possible solutions rather than about problems and obstacles. My main objective is to, as soon as possible, lead you to the point where you don’t need my assistance at all. This can often happen during one to three sessions. I don’t analyze the problem or the difficult past, I don’t do diagnostics. I only focus on the desired future. My coaching is playful and “brave”’. My approach to method, choice of words and the person is authentic. I don’t just use this approach in my job, but also in my life. I follow the slogan: The ideas you create by yourself are the ideas you remember the most in the future. Those concepts are the easiest to recall. I am convinced that only through exploring and discovering “your own truths” you can become stable in life. Then it is possible to “lean on yourself” in a difficult time.
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You can imagine it as a conversation, while we are working on your desired future. I will ask you specific questions to help you find or create your own way how to achieve the desired future. Among other positive things clients always say that they felt comfortable, heard and strengthened during coaching.

Yes. I offer face-to-face consultations locally and via Skype/Zoom/Internet worldwide.

Yes. As we focus on creating solutions in the present and the future, we are able to successfully finish our cooperation within as little as 3 meetings. We experience this over and over again with the clients, regardless the issue they come with.

Brief Therapy

Unlike traditional forms of therapy that take time to analyze problems, pathology and past life events, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) concentrates on finding solutions in the present time and exploring one’s hope for the future to find quicker resolution of one’s problems.
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No. We are going to have a conversation about the solutions for your present and future life. This is the reason why we don’t need to talk about the past (neither on a couch). Actually, many of my clients like to talk while walking 😊 It helps them put their thoughts in motion.

It´s individual. Usually 1 to 3 meetings are enough.

Yes. As we focus on creating solutions in the present and future, we are able to successfully finish our cooperation within as little as 3 meetings. We experience this over and over again with all the clients, regardless the issue they come with.

No. Actually, hypnosis is a state of heightened attention to something. It´s more similar to deep relaxation where the subconscious mind becomes more open to positive suggestion. My clients describe it like a very pleasant experience.

Leadership and Sales Skills

We use a lot of useful information, examples and experience from our own managerial practice for the effective development of managers and salespeople. In the programs, we combine various techniques (coaching, mentoring, training and consulting) according to the industry, the urgency of the problems and the goals chosen. Trainings and seminars are focused on specific situations and areas in which people in your company lack confidence and determination. I will adapt the content to the areas of your business and with the help of practical examples I will show your employees proven procedures that will turn weaknesses into new skills.
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Although many people are involved in coaching or training, only some of them have a proper education and rich managerial and sales experience. Trainings and seminars are based on the refined know-how of our trainers from their many years of managerial and sales experience. After hundreds of trainings with thousands of clients from 16 countries we can say, that we are known for practical trainings with proven results. We adjust to current trends. We focus on the acquisition of knowledge and skills in a very lively and interactive form. I emphasize that the “learning” is adjusted to the knowledge of the client, his own context of life.

Both forms are possible. Usually I do workshops dedicated to teams in an organization, but even as individual you can participate at open workshops (look at open events) or solo in the 1 on 1 form.

Inspirational Workshops

...we often do not lack knowledge or skills. We are often even overqualified and have all the information needed about the subject. The thing that makes us act and move is hidden somewhere else: in our mindset, our attitude, in our willpower, our determination, if we have enough energy, if we lack some, in our joy …These are the factors I work with in inspirational workshops. I do not intend to approach these subjects from the position of ‘an always-right authority’. Just the opposite. I create space for your own opinion, your eventual contradiction. I put emphasis on giving the client the chance to discover their own ’truths’, through their own experience.
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Typical education is focused on improving knowledge and skills. Inspirational workshops are focused on attitude and mindset. If you have an employee who knows how to do something but they are not doing it, then it’s not about the knowledge but about their attitude. Sometimes, although we know what we have or want to do, we still do not do it anyway.

Because it is impossible to change people, you can only inspire them to change themselves.

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