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My goal is to help clients to get where they want to be. We achieve this as a result of creating solutions and effective usage of their own sources.

What coaching enhances (its benefits):

  • Finding the best solutions to the situation!
  • Recognizing your own resources (qualities, skills, strategies…)
  • Your self-confidence and maximizing your potential
  • Positive mindset: seeking useful solutions, not obstacles and problems
  • Expanding the choice (by often creating several new alternatives out of two contradicting options)
  • Your own creativity and authenticity
  • Personal transformation, long-lasting or permanent changes
  • Finding your authenticity and your own way to happiness

In my role as your “pilot” I mainly use Brief Coaching and Solution-Focused Coaching that stimulates thinking about possible solutions rather than about problems and obstacles. My main objective is to, as soon as possible, lead you to the point where you don’t need my assistance at all. This can often happen during one to three sessions.

I don’t analyze the problem or the difficult past, I don’t do diagnostics. I only focus on the desired future.

My coaching is playful and “brave”’. My approach to method, choice of words and the person is authentic. I don’t just use this approach in my job, but also in my life.

I follow the slogan: The ideas you create by yourself are the ideas you remember the most in the future. Those concepts are the easiest to recall.

I am convinced that only through exploring and discovering “your own truths” you can become stable in life. Then it is possible to “lean on yourself” in a difficult time.

Playful, brave, straight to the point 100% practice-oriented It is my mindset to convey all competencies needed within the shortest time possible, to help you reach a stage at which you will be able to handle all critical situations alone and not need my assistance any more. I trust that you already have all the resources (abilities, the strength...) needed to solve the problem. When I am looking at you, I don’t see “a problem”; I see “the solution to your problem”. The best solutions are not the tailored ones, but those that are made by you. You are the expert on your own life. I don’t analyse the problem or the past. I don’t do diagnostics. I focus on your desired future. I accept and respect YOU (your vocabulary, your world, priorities and values, feelings) I don’t want to “form you” or set the direction; I am only giving the impulse. I listen and make you feel that you are important and unique in this world. INTIMACY – the content of our conversation remains confidential- between you and me; just like a confession 😊

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Online Coaching

You don’t have to drive or commute, lose time and money in parking, you will not have any additional expense. The moment you finish the session you can turn off your device and dedicate yourself to something else right away. Sounds good?

Today, online coaching is one of the favourite choices for thousands of people who choose personal development because, not only it is more comfortable, it is usually cheaper than a face-to-face process.

Pay online, no need to worry about ATMs or cash.

In what situations do clients call me?

  • when they want to maximize their potential

  • in the decision-making dilemmas that life brings

  • when communication is an issue (family, relationships, work…)

  • to achieve better stress management

  • when advice doesn’t help

  • when increasing self-confidence is needed

  • when they don’t live according to their desires

  • to satisfy individual development needs

  • when (de)motivation is an issue

  • when gaining life-energy is more than welcome…

Who is online coaching for?

  • For everyone who is ready to work with themselves

Can we work remotely?

  • Obviously yes 😊. I offer consultations via Skype/Zoom/Internet worldwide.

Janka Ujlakyová: Digital marketing specialist

“Brano plunged into my world and did not try even a little to accept the idea of the "universal". He didn't use learned formulas or theory from books, but he was able to tune in perfectly to my wave and tailor a form of coaching that suits me. Braňo´s experience, personality and unique qualities embody for me the coach of the 21st century. I highly recommend!”

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Business Coaching

My own managerial experience entitles me to sit in front of an experienced owner, manager or expert and coach them from the position of an equal partner. I specialize in coaching individuals who seek sustainable results within a short period of time.

In what situations is coaching most beneficial for companies?

  • When you need to increase the use of a coached person's potential (you see that your people have more than they realize, or are aware of and still they don't advance),
  • during transformation processes in the company (people are stuck in old habits and believes, defying change),
  • when you need to achieve a deeper transformational change in a person's behaviour, attitudes or opinions,
  • in the decision-making dilemmas that life brings,
  • when a person or company is stuck in a "dead end",
  • to promote creativity and vision,
  • for individual development needs (stress management, communication with the team or colleagues, conflict resolution),
  • when it is necessary to help the employee as a person (bringing private matter to work, or excessive impact of work issues to private life, in various borderline life situations),
  • preparation for group development programs and trainings (if people's attitudes halts their own development),
  • as support for development and training programs (when people already know what and how to do, they even trained that, but their own attitudes is slowing them down),
  • in the current situation on the labour market, in the absence of qualified employees, it is a manifestation of remuneration and personal care for employees (stabilization of your key people).

Who is business coaching for?

  • Coaching the client personally: owners, managers, directors, managers and all people who are important to your company.
  • Coaching of a selected person from the company: employees whose decisions significantly affect the operation of the company - either in terms of achieving goals and results, or in terms of impact on other colleagues and their impact on corporate culture. The topic is chosen by the employees themselves or by you as the contracting authority.

Can we work remotely?

Yes. I offer face-to-face consultations locally and via Skype/Zoom/Internet worldwide. Although I prefer face-to-face consultations, I was surprised how much can be done via Internet. The form will be chosen after consultation.


"Sometimes I even feel like you can see into my brain 😊 you can ask great questions and lead a person to the right answers. I appreciate how you can grasp an idea and visualize it on a white board. I think we've come up with a lot of things sooner, thanks to you. I'd like to highlight in particular: a positive attitude and energy, patience and perseverance and multifunctionality: you combine experience from several areas. We have been looking for a coach and mentor, we met lot of experts and we don't have to look any further because we've found you and you're top"

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Team Coaching

For a human, being in a team is inevitable. Mankind is built on cooperation. That’s why social skills and the understanding of social dynamic are essential for every member of a team as well as every leader. Thanks to the complexity of relations, the team is often stuck or simply doesn’t perform on a desired level. It’s almost an art to select an appropriate and safe external intervention, to help the team to continue on their own.

Since I was chosen by many companies, sport teams and non-profit organizations to lead their team projects, I found not only theoretical but as well practical principles how to change social dynamic. Therefore, I can contribute using my skills, proven techniques, experience and my passion for teamworking.

In what situations is coaching most beneficial for teams

  • Create an effective system of work
  • Strengthen relations
  • Increase performance
  • Change the company / team culture (setting new goals, values, rules, new atmosphere)
  • Conflict prevention and resolution
  • Psychological wound healing and prevention
  • Increase potential of every Individual in the team
  • be not only successful but also happy

Who is team coaching for?

  • The whole team (all team members, normally between 2 -12)
  • Part of the team (selected team members due to specific reason)

Can we work remotely?

At the beginning of our cooperation is a face-to-face form better. Especially when I need to get to know several team members in a short period of time. Later, we can continue online. When talking about delicate topics, the face-to-face form is more comfortable.

Railway station Košice

"We evaluate the form and method of the coaching excellently. We like Braňos style of communication and explanation. Thanks to his psychological attitude every member of our team reflected what he is doing wrong and what needs to be changed. Many things that Brano explained to us are useful not only at work but also in life in general.."

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Sports Coaching

High or peak performance can be done only with cooperation with our mental world. It can be our strongest enemy or our strongest ally. But how can we increase the quality of our mental world? How can we control our emotions? How can we prepare for an important performance? … Well, the answers on these and similar questions are making the difference not only in sport also in our ordinary life. You can find a lot of analogy between sport and work or family life. But there are also some specifics. As an ex-sportsman I like to use mental techniques which are really working.

What I can help you with

  • How to streamline training process?

  • Find your "lost" motivation

  • Stress and fear reduction

  • Mental resilience

  • How to work with stagnation, regression, disappointment, frustration

  • Effective concentration

  • How to work and use our emotions as an ally

  • Deep mental relaxation

  • Obtain useful mental habits

  • How to live after sport career?

Who is coaching for?

  • Sportsmen (professional as well as amateur)
  • Trainers
  • Parents of young sportsmen

Can we work remotely?

  • Yes. I offer face-to-face consultations locally and via Skype/Zoom/Internet worldwide. Although I prefer face-to-face consultations, I was surprised how much can be done via Internet. The form will be chosen after consultation.

Ilja Škondrič – Pro MMA Fighter and Trainer

"Braňo understands the mind of the athlete very well. I was surprised how fast I felt improvement. His style is very complex."

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