An effective combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can help even in the first session with deep and lasting family traumas.

Today, I want to inspire you with a real case in which we achieved significant improvement together with the client.

The Client's Painful Situation

We often carry various psychological wounds from childhood. My client, a 58-year-old woman, contacted me due to a situation that had been bothering her for several years. For a long time, she felt that her mother favored her brother. Her mother always paid more attention and support to him (both emotionally and materially), tolerated his mistakes more, and even preferred her brother's children over her own.

After her brother and father's death, the client had to take care of her mother, who was left alone. According to the client's description, visits to her mother were unbearable. Her mother would either criticize her or ignore her. The client felt anger, frustration, and sadness about the past and the present. She wanted to improve her relationship with her mother, at least in her later years, but the relationship wasn't getting better; it was worsening.

On days when she had to visit her mother, the client experienced anxiety and frustration. She eventually decided to seek my help and ask for assistance. She suggested that she was willing to try hypnosis.

Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Session

In reality, we had only one session. In the first part of the meeting, we talked to understand what we should focus on during hypnosis. Even in this stage, the client mentioned that she had gained inspiration and a completely different perspective on how she perceived the situation she was in. Through questions, she began to see new aspects of the relationship and understand her mother's perspective. The client started interpreting her mother's behavior: parents care more about children who need it and less about those who are strong and can handle themselves. Finally, the client confirmed this perspective with her mother, who supported her.

In the second part of the session, we delved into hypnosis, which lasted about 20 minutes. We focused on developing the ability to "not be affected by the outside world" and maintaining mental distance and peace. After hypnosis, the client felt very good, to the point where she knew that another meeting wouldn't be necessary.


I met with the client after 2 months. She thanked me for the help. According to her, since our meeting, she enjoys visits to her mother, to the point where she looks forward to seeing her again. According to her words, her mother also enjoys her presence. Their relationship has reached its highest level so far.

Client Evaluation

Below, you can read her responses to my feedback questionnaire.

Have your expectations been met?

Yes, absolutely. The therapy was like the last piece of the mosaic I was missing to complete.

What do you believe is the added value of the cooperation? What did the cooperation provide you?

I have completely calmed down, stopped worrying about the irreparable, and feel greater overall harmony in my life.

What would you like to highlight?

A high level of understanding, providing me with a new perspective on the "problem" that I didn't see. Wonderful calming voice, very good at putting you in deep relaxation. Complete satisfaction.

Would you recommend my services to others - if so, why? If not, why not?

Of course, yes. An excellent therapist with a deep empathetic insight.

This case illustrates the powerful combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy that helps activate human potential to overcome challenges. It is not always achieved in the first session, but with my solution-focused approach, my goal is for every session to be the last.


Clients tell me already after the first session they feel a change for the better. When do you want to experience it? Write to me and we will agree on the cooperation that will suit you.

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