A case study: Psychotherapy to manage anger and negative thoughts

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Sometimes in psychotherapy, we need to help the client with several issues (problems) at the same time.

This was also the case for this client, where we did "up to" 5 consultations together (usually my therapies are shorter :-)).

In this case, we implemented a mixed form: a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. Some meetings were online and some were in person.

Why have you chosen my services? What did you expect from them?

I was at a point in my life when my negative thoughts were destroying me and my relationships with my family and friends. I decided it was time to seek help. I searched on the web; at the same time, I was looking for the option of being able to do online therapy. At this moment I don't remember well what the web page looked like, but I remember that I found interesting a section where it was written: Brief therapy focused or based on solutions, this was what I valued the most to hire your services.

Have your expectations been met?

Yes, I would like to add that I am infinitely grateful.

What do you think is the added value of cooperation? What did the cooperation give you?

The cooperation or therapy has helped me understand the reasons why I was having negative and destructive thoughts. I was not always motivated to do or to work with the proposals received, but try to improve and do it, this helped me to express my feelings and find another approach. Something that also helped me a lot was that you always asked me questions that really made me think and consider the situation.

What would you like to highlight?

I am a person who finds it very difficult to talk about any aspect of myself, whether it is positive or not, and expressing my worst feelings to someone is not easy, especially not to someone I did not know, but in the therapies I was gaining confidence, besides I had the feeling that you were really interested in helping me.

I was also very surprised by the hypnosis therapy, right after I didn't notice anything different, but as the days went by I was progressively more positive and I no longer felt anger, at least not in the same way. It's hard to explain... I still have difficult situations, but now I can feel the anger with much more distance.

If could be even more useful to you, and if so, how? (what other topic would be of interest to you)

I really can't think of anything... Sorry...

Would you recommend my services to others - if so, why? If not, why not?

If it's hard for me to talk... it's harder for me to write!!;) Thanks, Braño!!!


Clients tell me already after the first psychotherapy they feel a change for the better. When do you want to experience it? Write to me and we will agree on the cooperation that will suit you.

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